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This bizarre looking combination of foods is a mixture of so many dietary preferences it kind of represents modern so cal to me. I’m hardly trying to look for deeper meaning in my food, but I can’t help but enjoy the broad cultural range my regular breakfast covers.  I guess the best thing to call it would be Soyrizo Fried Rice.

By the time I stand in front of the stove to get started I’ve already got the rice cooker beeping at me that the rice is done. I start out squeezing half a tube of soyrizo into the pan, which somehow manages to be better than actual chorizo. A vegan ingredient, the eggs I add later demote this dish to vegetarian, but being a meat eater I’m not too concerned. After I quickly dice up the onions I toss them in to cook with the soyrizo. It all cooks pretty quick so I need to stir 2 eggs up with some salt and pepper as quickly as I can and combine that with everything cooking in the frying pan. The psuedo chorizo and green onions represent the hispanic influence, and at this point it sometimes ends up as a breakfast burrito. I add the rice into the frying pan now making a delicious bowl of Soyrizo Fried rice.

I think the Asian/Hispanic/Vegetarian combo of the dish is a pleasant coincidence for something that looks so unappealing but tastes so good. It’s also a great breakfast for dinner option.