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It had been a while since I dug out the ice cream maker.  It was one of those rarely used impulse purchases,  but now I’m ready to use it. My constant yearning for sugar products cant be stopped so there is really no need to fight it. At least the machine is cool, I remember picking it up super cheap. The box promotes ice cream in 30 minutes, but leaves out the 12 hours minimum of prep time.

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Once I took the machine a part to check on the ice cream it was a pretty large hassle to put back together. I managed but the thickness of the ice cream made it pretty difficult for the motor to get back to stirring the ice cream. I suppose the window in the top is supposed to help me avoid all that, but I chose too large a spoon.

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Delicious ice cream was the reward for a semi-patient wait. The creamy coffee flavor was absolutely delicious, and only opens the door for more experimentation. I can’t wait to try making not just other flavors of ice cream, but other types of coffee. Jamaican blue mountain ice cream anyone?