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It’s been nagging at me for months, a strong desire to make chili. Having never made chili before I had no clue where to start with this “project.” Determination set in and an instant message to a friend across the country got me a chili recipe that didn’t need beans and would go great on top of hot dogs and french fries. Beef and canned tomatoes would do for content so a quick visit to the store was all I needed to get started.

Only the chili is from scratch, with onions, garlic, a heavy amount of chili powder, and looooooooooove. It tasted “OK” but I wished I had used even more garlic and onion. Even worse was the thick consistency it picked up as I kept it warm long after it was ready to serve. Because of those errors I was initially pretty bummed about my chili endeavor, but the next day it reheated into the most delicious Sloppy Joe I’ve ever had and all was forgiven.