On my lunch break, I spotted a new lunch truck on the block called Frysmith.


The truck runs on fry oil and their specialty is fries. Currently, their menu consists of trays of french fries with various toppings and even has a vegan item! I ordered Kimchi fries, which is topped with Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheddar cheese, with a Filbert’s, on their recommendation.


The fries are great–none of the Smart and Final frozen stuff here.  Hand-sliced, freshly fried, crispy, crunchy, with a great “bite.” The smaller pieces were nice, golden and crunchy. According to their website, Frysmith uses fresh kennebec potatos specifically to get this effect. My only gripe with the fries was that it had a tendency to hide the pork, which by itself was very tasty, juicy, and tender.

I was a bit skeptical of cheese and kimchi together and having a tray of fries for lunch. After a couple bites, I’d forgotten about how weird cheese and kimchi might be together. The cheese was used sparingly and went surprisingly well with the kimchi and onions.  Thankfully they’ve somehow toned down the kimchi’s usual pungent smell (probably with the cheese) and I was able carry it into the office without someone mistaking it for a sphincter malfunction.

The serving size turned out to be good for me. It’s quite starchy and filling and the topping has quite a bit of content.  As with many fried or salty foods, it left me thirsty, even after finishing off the Filbert Cola I got with it.

They have a great selection of unique soft drinks with prices on par with other trucks. Next time around, I’ll try either their Rajas fries (fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese) or their vegan chili fries (Organic tomato and mixed beans with soy chorizo and smoked paprika, with or without cheese). For curious readers, take a peek at their menu and tell me what you want me to try next.

  • Kimchi fries $5.47
  • Filbert’s Cola: $2.28
  • Tax $0.76
  • Total: $8.51
  • The Good: The fries (fans of fat steak fries look elsewhere), the kurobuta pork, the kimchi, soft drink selection, truck runs on veggie oil.
  • The Bad: Texture and seasoning of fries overwhelms the pork at times.
  • The Ugly: The napkin I used to wipe my mouth off

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