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I’ve found it extremely difficult to find pizza by the slice that is exceptional. Unfortunately this place ended up being another unimpressive pizza joint providing me with a par of a lunch. I don’t have a particular problem with thin crust, I just don’t understand why restaurants are unwilling to make thin crust with flavor, it’s like eating cardboard. I guess that’s why I’ve always preferred a thicker crust, because I actually care about the crusts flavor.

As I get older deciding on topings for pizza has proven more and more difficult. It’s no surprise that my expanding tastes would correlate with a broader preference for pizza topping, but more recently I’m struggling to find places with desired toppings. The benefit of getting slices from a place like this is limited selection, but it also means there will be very little available that strikes my fancy. I went with Hawaiian and Pepperoni at this place just because they were my favorites from the limited options.